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Divorce is one of those decisions in life that requires careful consideration and proper guidance. Emotional turmoil may make things difficult for an individual. However, with the guidance of an expert mutual divorce lawyers in Kolkata, it’s easy to overcome the battle and reach a satisfactory conclusion.

An expert divorce lawyers in Kolkata, such as Anulekha Maity, can guide you on your rights and options, represent you in court, and help you reach the desired settlement. Choose a lawyer who has profound knowledge, years of practise experience, and efficiently understands your specific requirements. Meet Anulekha Maity and solve your marital or property registration-related hassles with ease.

Lots of law firms are available in Kolkata. However, people prefer connecting with us for their needs. Let’s uncover the reasons why people prefer Anulekha Maity more:

Proper Guidance on Your Rights & Options

Legal processes are easy only if you choose the right path and get proper guidance. A single mistake can complicate the entire process. Expert divorce lawyers in Kolkata like Ms. or Mrs. Maity can help you understand the whole legal process of divorce and inform you about your rights as a spouse. We can help individuals decide what type of divorce can provide them with a solution. Be it a contested or mutual divorce, we can make the journey smooth for you.

Represent You in Court

If a divorce case reaches court, an expert lawyer can help you fight for your rights. You will get proper guidance on how to prepare for the trial. The lawyer will efficiently present your case to the judge and help you get justice. Also, if you need guidance from property registration lawyers in Kolkata, don’t hesitate to inform us.

Help You Reach a Settlement

It is also possible to settle a divorce matter outside of court. An expert lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement agreement that meets all your requirements. The divorce process can be short and smooth with a knowledgeable lawyer.

If a divorce is unavoidable, take the help of the best divorce lawyer in Kolkata and keep all steps streamlined. Protect your rights and choose the best options with the guidance of a lawyer.

We Are The Best For

Divorce Lawyer

We can help you preserve your rights as a spouse and reach a satisfactory settlement without making the process lengthy.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

We offer legal aid to victims of domestic abuse. We also help them seek protection orders and justice while accelerating complex legal procedures.

Desertion Divorce Lawyer

Assist individuals who get divorced due to spouse desertion, navigate legal channels to dissolve the marriage, and address related concerns.

Lawyers for Injunction

Get legal support in obtaining injunctions to prevent certain actions or enforce specific behaviours and maintain the status quo during legal proceedings.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

We Guide individuals and businesses through the bankruptcy process and offer legal advice, and navigate complex financial challenges.

Separation Lawyer

Efficiently handle legal matters related to the dissolution of marriage or partnership, providing advice, and representing the clients in court for divorce or division of assets.

Nullity of Marriage Lawyer

Deal with cases where marriages can be declared null and void while following legal intricacies to establish the non-existence of a valid marriage.

Dowry Lawyer

We also specialise in cases involving dowry-related disputes and advocate for justice and fair treatment for individuals who are facing dowry-related hassles.

Title Suit Lawyer

Solve disputes related to property ownership with us. We help to establish clear title and resolve conflicts over property rights.

Title Suit Lawyer

We Specialise in resolving disputes over property titles, ensuring clear ownership rights, and addressing conflicts related to property ownership.

Mutual Divorce Lawyer

We guide couples through amicable divorce proceedings to ensure a smooth separation process while keeping both parties interests and concerns in mind.

Child Custody Lawyer

We advocate for children’s well-being during divorce, secure favourable custody arrangements, and prioritise the child’s best interest. To consult the best child custody lawyer, meet us today.

Property Registration Lawyer

We help with legal documentation and registration of property transactions while safeguarding clients’ interests in real estate matters.

Guardianship Lawyer

Assists in matters of legal guardianship. We help clients establish or contest guardianship arrangements for minors or incapacitated adults.

Maintenance Lawyer

We assist individuals to obtain fair financial support from their spouse post-divorce and secure adequate maintenance for their livelihood.

Family Lawyer

Advocate Maity and her team handle a broad range of familial matters, such as divorce, adoption, property disputes, and inheritance, and provide the required legal support to families in need.

Civil Lawyer

We also represent clients in non-criminal disputes, provide legal guidance, and help in various civil matters such as contract disputes or property disagreements.

Company Lawyer

Provide legal counsel to businesses, ensure compliance with regulations, resolve disputes, and handle various legal aspects of company operations. Call us to learn more in detail.


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Divorce lawyers in Kolkata | Property lawyer in kolkata

What Our Clients Say

Advocate Anulekha Maity is knowledgeable, punctual, responsive and could able to guide and help me to close a property deal on time without any unnecessary hassles. Thanks for the support. Really appreciate…
Ms. Maity is a skilled lawyer who is very helpful in our case. If you have any problem with legal issues, I recommend this is the place. Thank you!
Very helpful, very good in behaviour and manner, very punctual and last but not the least according to me she knows her work well..

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    Divorce lawyers in Kolkata | Property lawyer in kolkata

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